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Bullies in the workplace

Ron is not a “Motivational Speaker” but rather exhibits a unique facilitator style

Ron is not a “motivational speaker” but rather a facilitator in his style of delivery in revealing various problems associated with workplace bullying. He takes sound information gained from highly creditable research, including well-respected surveys, polls, and personal interviews and makes it real and applicable for the corporate environment. With the research findings, anecdotes, and real life experiences, Ron is able to bring the “silent epidemic” of workplace bullying to center stage for company management at all levels. His presentations are never boring and always thought provoking.

With his psychology related background he is able to provide insight into the “darkside” of the workplace bully phenomenon plus, the traumatic impact on the victims that bullies leave in their wake. His 25 years in Organizational Behavior and his expertise in the areas of behavior assessments and corporate cultures have positioned him to help companies realize the tremendous financial saving that can be gained by addressing and resolving the problem of bullies in the workplace.

“Deep knowledge base + Excellent Presentation Style + Professional  Demeanor = Ron Watkins, Excellent presentation.”
Virginia Mee, Drury University, Emeritus, Missouri State University

“Ron’s presentation on workplace bullies was spot on.  Sadly, this kind of behavior is demonstrated often in the workplace.  I appreciated the research that he shared along with the practical tips on how to deal with bullying behavior.  Very thorough, informative and interesting.”
Richelle O’Driscoll, Director of Public Affairs,  University of Nevada School of Medicine

“You have delved into a very timely subject of workplace bullying that begins in the K-12 classroom.  Your research and dedication to educating business executives, managers, and educators is commendable. Please keep it up.
Candace Cox, University of Denver and Univentures

Ron Watkins’ session on workplace bullies was an eye opener.  While I’ve certainly worked for or come across more than a few jerks in my career, I had no clue that bullying behavior was so wide spread.  The recent focus on preventing bullying schools is helpful of course, but similar behavior in the workplace receives scant attention.  Ron has a real message that deserves a much broader audience”
Paul Knudstrupp, Western Michigan University and Midwest

“Already, I have utilized the information Ron Watkins gave us with my staff and colleagues. His research is so timely and relevant.”
Ms Glenna Dod Meyer, Wesleyan College

“Ron did a very good job of engaging us and our interest from the beginning.  Got a lot of meat on the table with energetic participation by the group.  The morning went by very quickly.”  Jim Phillips, Univ. of Tennessee

“Ron showed us how to take bullies by their horns and how to take appropriate action to rein in their bullying behavior.  His relaxed style of presentation made participation very interesting and his content was an excellent overview of the bullying literature.  Most importantly, I think he caused each one of us to take inventory of ourselves to make sure that we are not bullies inside nor outside of the work content.  I have seen great managers get behind the wheel of a car and become road bullies.  Thank you for a very informative and engaging presentation.”  Dr. Ralph Elliott, Clemson University

“I liked the way Dr. Ron Watkins got into this perplexing and scary issue.  He simplified the factors driving this age-old cultural problem. He traced the causes nicely and offered some realistic solutions which we can get done.  A very timely topic done with care and competence.  He was comfortable with a group of peer experts.”  Dick Dunsing, University of Richmond

Listening to Ron and then going to lunch with him, his knowledge into the workings of bullies gave me some new insight into the workings of the corporate world.  As I saw bullies at work but didn’t have a way to explain it, now I do.  My 15 year old grandson is a bully target and I now have some new tactics we can use to help him out.  Very insightful.”
Mr. Chris Christensen, University of Wisconsin

Topics Covered in the One Hour Presentation

  • Workplace Bullying Surveys
  • How to Recognize a Bully
  • The “Dirty Dozen” Bully Behaviors
  • Bullies Missing Character Traits
  • Why Was I Targeted
  • Three General Types of Bullies
  • Definition of Workplace Bullying
  • Psychological Violence
  • The High Cost of Bullies
  • General Insights About Bullies
  • Why is Workplace Bullying Tolerated
  • Legal Recourse for Victims (Currently Pending in State Legislature)