Lominger Voices 360 Evaluations

Bullies in the workplace

Mountain Sky Consulting Conducts the Lominger Voices 360 degree evaluation, The World’s Premier Leadership Development Assessment.

All managers like to think their managing style of behaviors is effective, but nobody is perfect. It’s difficult to get an accurate and honest “snapshot” that truly depicts the type of change required in order to make an employee with management responsibilities more effective. The Lominger Voices 360-degree feedback tool designed specifically to reveal the strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots of a manager’s competencies needed to become successful. The instrument is ideal for executive coaching by:

  • Identifying managerial competencies that require future development and improvement
  • Each manager’s survey is conducted by peers, customers, and the immediate supervisor in order to gather the opinions and evaluations of those individuals who know the manager well
  • Providing the manager with the feedback of how others see him/her
  • Revealing the manager’s strengths, possible areas of development, and perhaps hidden competencies seen by others that is not recognized by his/her fellow employees
  • Providing the manager with the opportunity of correcting self-defeating behavior with the help of an ongoing mentoring program