Conflict Resolution

Bullies in the workplace

 Mountain Sky Consulting is able to conduct the process of conflict resolution successfully for the following reasons:

  • Formal education that includes a BA degree in Clinical Psychology and a Graduate Degree in Behavioral Psychology and 12 years of experience as a Staff Psychologist
  • The ability to objectively pinpoint the core issue of the problem that lies beneath the emotional element
  • Adept at clarifying exactly what the issues are that contribute to the conflict
  • Skilled at evaluating alternative approaches/solutions to the issue(s)
  • Being able to have all parties concerned committed to solving the problem

There are a number of conflict related situations, i.e. intrapersonal, interpersonal, situational, political etc., none of which can be considered as a pleasant experience. As a manager the skill of resolving conflicts (most of which are interpersonal) is not an easy skill to learn but also requires a sense of confidence in being able to confront the parties involved in order to maintain control of the procedure. Despite the unpleasant responsibilities of any manager, and yet one of the most important skills, a manager needs to be familiar with the process of conflict resolution in order to address interpersonal conflict early when it is the least explosive.