Client Testimonials

Bullies in the workplace

The economic impact of using MSC has been expressed in six digit savings this year alone. ….Perhaps the most precise benefit will be your ability to find more time in your day by having the right leaders who are in the right position performing at a higher level with less intervention.”

–Sheila Price, FACHE, Chief Nurse Executive WestCare Hospital System


Over the past two years our organization has undergone tremendous change including a complete management restructuring. I found MSC a valuable resource in navigating the decisions that needed to be made relative to structure and the people to fit into specific positions. The interaction with our management staff regarding how our personality profiles differ but are complementary has significantly aided the development of a cohesive management team.”

–Steve Heatherly, FACHE, CEO Mountain Neurosurgical & Spine Center


Ron has the unique and rare ability to deliver scientific data in a way that is personable and comprehensible, which is ultimately most helpful to the person hearing it. He provides a service that endures throughout an organization’s lifespan, shedding light on what motivates people and how teams can best work together based on each other’s strengths and points of emotional origin. Ron is a pleasure to work with and understands that people are an organization’s greatest asset. He helps companies leverage that asset by going a step further and mining personality information that provides a roadmap to how those assets might best fit together for success.”

–Luchretia Stargell, Director, Corporate Relations at MedWest Health System


The information that Ron provides with the Hogan assessments also goes beyond candidate selection. The information has provided our administrative staff with valuable coaching insight and guidance for new directors. We have also used the Hogan assessment with our current management staff to assist with professional and personal development. Ron has also been instrumental in assisting identified management staff with improving their performance and enhancing their relationship development skills.”

–Janet Millsaps, Director Staff Services at Westcare Health System


I would like to mention that I have received numerous positive comments from the staff regarding your work with PLCMC during your involvement in the organizational re-structuring. In particular, they appreciate the clear and frank way you communicate and the manner which exemplifies that of a “patient and supportive coach” to quote one of the district managers. Another manager described your demeanor as calming and non-threatening. Your approach has been very effective in building trust and good will between both senior staff, who have been at the library for an extended period of time, and the newer managers that have been on board for only a couple years.”

–Susan Harden, Ph.D. Planning and Projects Coordinator, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County


If you are wondering how to get the most out of your day, become a more cohesive team, or hire with more success, try Mountain Sky Consulting. You will not regret what you learn about yourself, your team, and potential team members. Ron’s expertise in behavioral psychology will allow a great return on investment, and employees are placed in the right positions for organizational viability and growth.”

–Katrina Coggins, RN, Director of Emergency Department, Harris Regional Hospital


Specifically, Mountain Sky Consulting helped me: 1.) Understand my managerial strengths and challenges, 2.)improve communications skills with those I supervise and my superior, 3.) breakdown barriers and build a strong level of trust with my co-workers, and 4.) generally enhance the level of trust, understanding and empathy within the organization. The true impact to this organization may not be fully realized for months, or even longer. In my opinion, it will be an investment that pays dividends (better internal communications, improved morale, enhanced job performance and efficiency) for a long time.”

–Dick Pahle, Director of Development, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County