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Office Female Bully…Is She a Bitch or Bully?

Determining “Bitch or Bully” Can Provide Options for the Target Does the title shock you…because that is what it’s meant to do?  Based on the results of a number of research studies and articles whose expertise is in the area of female bullies, it’s been strongly suggested […]

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Workplace Bullies…Female Bullies can Easily be on Par With the Male Bullies

Female Bullies are Capable of Being Some of the Meanest The results of a survey by the Workplace Bully Institute in 2010  of 1,000 American workers that was released by the Employment Law Alliance found that 45% of respondents had been bullied at the office by means […]

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The Workplace Bully

Not Your Typical Stereotype There’s the “Screamer,” the  “Two-Headed Snake,” the Queen Bee: and the “Intellectual.”  These aren’t wrestling personas.  They are bullies.  And they can be your boss or a co-worker.  Bullying doesn’t end with high school.  Some bullies simply graduate from the playground to the […]

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Workplace Bullying: The Blatant and Subtle Costs to Corporate

GETTING TO “THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM” The vast majority of the research that can be found on the Internet today reports the human side of the emotional and psychological damage done to the human side of bullying. No one that has an ounce of empathy is […]

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Workplace Bullying Has Become a Quiet Epidemic Nationally

Emotional Abuse and Workplace Violence Can Result in Sustained Emotional and Psychological Scars A national survey conducted recently by The Workplace Bullying Institute revealed that 35% of the U.S. workforce have experienced workplace bullies at some time in their career while 15% report witnessing employees being emotionally […]

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Selection and Retention in Healthcare

It Doesn’t Have to be Gut Feel A nyone who has been in a managerial position has at least one story of an employee that stands out as one of the most trying and frustrating experiences in their careers. My “favorite” began one morning as I arrived […]

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