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Bullies in the workplace

Mission Statement

The primary goal of Mountain Sky Consulting  is to make a difference within an organization by developing a long-term relationship with its clients based on providing a cost effective, valid, and reliable consulting service in a very professional manner. The primary purpose is to help establish a harmonious working relationship between management and employee.

CMC Mark

About The Certified Management Consultant

The CMC® designation is recognized in 48 countries, including 17 of the G20, and is the highest earned recognition in the management consulting profession. Accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/IEC 17024:2003, it is a standard for excellence, competence and ethics in consulting. The CMC designation acknowledges extensive experience, technical competence, peer reviews, client satisfaction, and oral and written examinations of and adherence to the IMC USA Code of Ethics. Fewer than 1% of management consultants achieve the CMC mark during their career.

About Ron Watkins, MA,CMC

Ron Watkins

 Ron Watkins, President of Mountain Sky Consulting (MSC), is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) which represents an achievement of the highest global standards for performance, knowledge, and ethical principles.  Fewer than 1% of management consultants achieve the CMC mark during their career.  He is also an affiliate of the Workplace Bullying and Research Institute located in Bellingham, Washington and a member of the Institute of Management Consulting. He earned his undergraduate degree in clinical psychology at Heidelberg University and his graduate degree from Ball State University in the field of Behavioral Psychology. His 25 years in Organizational Behavior and his skills in the areas of psychometrics for pre-employment evaluations, Corporate Culture assessments, succession planning, coaching, conflict resolution and, leadership development has positioned him uniquely to deal with workplace bullies.  His expertise in organizational bullying helps companies realize the financial savings that can be realized through resolution of a bullying problem.  His experiences as a staff psychologist in community mental health settings and consulting skills have provided him with the insight and experience of working with the psychological dynamics of workplace bullies. In addition, he coaches those employees victimized by the emotional abuse and psychological violence inflicted as a result of bullying. Ron is a member of the Western North Carolina Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Toastmasters.


About Mountain Sky Consulting

Established in 2002, Mountain Sky Consulting (MSC) provides a cost effective, valid and highly reliable professional expertise to address employee issues as a result of interaction between employees, between the employees and management, and interaction within the organization as a whole. It strives to provide a practical application and understanding of psychological principles to a business setting. The primary objective of MSC is to partner with upper management to define and solve the dysfunctional behaviors in relationships through psychometric assessments. These assessments provide essential information that can be applied to critical areas related to the pre-employment process, evaluating the differences among corporate cultures, conflict resolution, and removing uncertainty during succession planning. Mountain Sky Consulting has developed an expertise in addressing the dysfunctional Bully/Victim relationship that cannot be resolved through common conflict resolution techniques. MSC also provides companies half or full-day leadership and management skills workshops.